From Casey de Boer:
During this pandemic we are very fortunate that our daughter Linda and her husband Bart , who live in Milton, have offered and have been bringing our groceries. We send a list by email and then they come on Saturday and deliver the groceries to us.  . It is a blessing by having a ground floor unit, because when they bring the groceries they come to the patio. We then can also have a little visit with them sitting on the patio and us at a safe distance indoors. 
Stay safe and healthy everyone.
From Russ Spicer:
We are just happy for these beautiful Spring days and we are able to get outside and enjoy them.Of course we are observing the 2m. distancing.Keep well everyone.
From Stephen Pollock:
I am happy my sister and two of her children have recovered from COVID-19. One of my sister's children returned from Western University and was found to have contracted COVID-19. Another came home from her job in downtown Toronto with the same. In the process of caring for her children my sister became infected as well.  My brother-in-law was not infected.  
From Maureen Farquharson:
I am feeling very blessed to live in Canada and in such a caring supportive community.
From : Bob Wright:
Welcome back to my friend Norm Manning. He reminded me - the herons are back. Last week was a great week for photographing herons on our pond. I mentioned to my staff when they (the herons) have the full beard they remind me of the Jim Henson characters called Skeksis from the Dark Crystal. None of them knew what I was talking about. That shows my age. We used to have a Dark Crystal audio book that our kids listed to as we drove from Kapuskasing to London. The picture of the great blue heron in the cedar trees is the one that reminded me of the Skeksis taken in 2015. There are 2 from Belwood Lake in 2018 (one flying, one feeding a fledgling) and the last is from last week from our pond. Life is wonderful and nature reminds me that we are so privileged each and every day.
From Norm Manning:
I am Happy today to be back in Canada .We have just completed our 14 day Isolation @12:30  We are now virus free and  we look forward to being able to buy home needs  such as shampoo  food etc.  I look forward to being a great Rotarian in  2020  All of you are also great friends  and I am honored to be back with you 
That's all for this Tuesday.
Send me your note anytime about why you are Happy for next week's bulletin.