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KidsAbility-Centre for Child Development 


KidsAbility has helped Adi, Owen, Kevin and thousands of children like them.

KidsAbility has centres in Fergus, Guelph, Waterloo and Cambridge.

It could be a member of your family needing special care and making that care available begins with you.

Through the Fergus Elora Rotary Foundation ( FERF) you can give a gift to KidsAbility.
Or Support Groves Memorial Hospital.
Give to an education fund or to our community centre.
Help our local food bank or donate to Polio Plus,  Rotary International's program for the world wide eradication
of Polio.
Or support Rotary efforts to help people to provide themselves with safe water.
Or tell us of any other charity you would like to support.

Your gift will make a difference and can be directed to one or more charities and the Fergus Elora Rotary Foundation will issue a tax receipt for your donation.

Making a donation to the Fergus Elora Rotary Foundation

This can be:
                              • A one time gift of any amount.
                              • A regular monthly donation.
                              • A donation made in memory of a loved one.
                              • Add to one of our endowment funds.
                              • Create a new endowment fund.
                              • When reviewing your will, please consider
                                 including a gift to Fergus Elora Rotary Foundation.

Who should donate? :
                              • Everyone in the community that recognizes the need and wishes to make a difference.
                              • Groups of people in the workplace or schools.
                              • Have a yard sale and donate the proceeds.
                              • Churches.
                              • Service clubs. 100% of donations are passed on to the charity of your choice.

How can we find out more?:
                              • Contact any director of the Fergus Elora Rotary Foundation
                              • Invite us to make a presentation at your service club, school or place of business.

A major fund raiser for the Fergus Elora Rotary Foundation is our
bingo's for information and dates visit our bingo page 

Officers and Directors of the Fergus Elora Rotary Foundation
President - Dave Beynon       519-787-2339  dave.beynon@gmail.com
Secretary - Richard Seibel     519-843-4476  rseibel@golden.net
Treasurer - Helen Orok         519-846-5215  aorok@hotmail.com   
Bob Grant                             519-843-4476
Don McNiven                        519-843-7321
Norm Porritt                          519-787-1231